Morgan Rudko

Morgan Rudko

Position: Midfielder 

High School: Hunterdon Central Regional High School/Class of 2014

College: Susquehanna University/Class of 2018

Soccer Career: I have played soccer for as long as I can remember.  It has always been a huge part of my life. When I step onto the field I forget about what’s going on around me and just focus on the game, it relieves my stress for those 90 minutes.  I started playing soccer when I was 5 years old for Greater Flemington Soccer Club recreational teams. Back then, was when we looked like a pack of bees going after the ball. As I got older, I joined a GFSC travel team; the Cyclones.  I played there for 3 years. This is when my skills and knowledge of soccer started to advance. Then I moved to a Jersey Knights travel team, which was my first time with a professional trainer. I played there for two years.   Once the Cyclones decided to move in the same direction as the Jersey Knights team with a professional trainer, I moved back to the Cyclones. Under the training of Hutch Novacek, we have become a team ranking high in state cup and winning higher level tournaments.  We are currently in our last season.  Along with intensive training we were introduced into speed and agility training, nutrition, and mentoring younger players. In addition with playing for the Cyclones, I have played for a GoalQuest 3v3 team competing in local tournaments and the world championship in Florida. About three years ago, I went for my coaching license so I would be able to coach younger players, help them develop more skills and keep their passion for soccer going.  I have also been involved in high school soccer. My freshmen year I played on the Junior Varsity team and my sophomore, junior, and senior years I played Varsity. We had very successful seasons, winning  the Hunterdon Warren Sussex Tournament for the last two years, ranking high in our conference and going several rounds in the state tournament.  Soccer has allowed me to live a healthy lifestyle and stay focused on the right path.  It has served as an escape from everything going on in my life to just focusing on the game.  

What I have learned:  Throughout my years of playing soccer, I have a learned a lot about the game and I’m still learning new things every day. My coaches have taught me a lot about how to get a better strike on the ball, how to pass accurately and to control my touches. All of these skills I have developed over the years have helped me become a more developed, experienced, and tactical soccer player. But, I have also learned a lot about life through soccer. I have learned how to trust, listen, strategize, and be a leader. Trusting and listening to my coaches and teammates allowed us to create a strong relationship both on and off the field. I have learned to take control of a group when something isn’t going well and input my ideas on how we can improve the situation and try to make the best of it.

What I will carry forward: Trust, communication, and responsibility are all things that I will be carrying forward. Starting off at college, I am going to be on my own for the first time in my life without my parents by my side. This is where these tactics I have learned during soccer come in. I will have to be the leader of my life and decide what’s best for me when I have decisions to make.  I want to be able to create bonds with my teammates to allow chemistry both on the field and off and playing soccer creates a sense of relief and safety for me as I settle into Susquehanna.

What I want going forward: As I continue my soccer career in college, I want to be able to enjoy myself and put everything I have learned out on the field. College, for me, is the time where I want everything to click into place both on and off the field and where all my hard work starts paying off and more opportunities open for me. Hopefully, I will find the right path and decide what career is right for me. As for now, I look forward to creating new friendships and spending the next four years at Susquehanna University.  



Hutch Novacek GoalQuest Soccer

I am very excited that Morgan chose to play soccer for Susquehanna University.  Her skills, and abilities tied with her leadership will surly add to Susquehanna's success.  When Morgan came back to the Cyclones I did not know what to expect.  All the players on the team kept saying how good of a player she was, and as time moved on her team mates could not have been more right.  It has been a true pleasure watching her develop into the soccer player she is today.  I look forward to watching her play soccer for Susquehanna.  Congratulations!