Bianca DiTrolio


Bianca DiTrolio ’14

For fourteen years of soccer, from recreation to travel and club league, I have been a part of the Greater Flemington Soccer Club. I have been with the GFSC FC Cyclones since the age of eight. Everything that I have come to accomplish was because of the GFSC program and what it has taught me. Though I played on the same team for my whole career, I’ve had two coaches who impacted me in so many ways and were the reason that I achieved all that I did. Mr. Joe Raborn and Hutch Novacek pushed and believed in me and gave me all of their effort to allow me to accomplish great things. In the seventh grade at JP Case Middle School, my skills that I acquired through the league helped me make the varsity team.  As I moved on to high school, I began my career at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in 2010 and once again, as a freshman, I made the varsity team. As the year began, I was set back by an ACL tear and was not able to play in a single high school game my freshman year.  Once I came back eleven months later, I played in my first game again with the GFSC Cyclones and began to get back to my old self. After playing in my sophomore season and seeing some varsity time, I then began playing basketball when I tore my other ACL in our first game of the season. After two tears, two surgeries, and going through rehab twice, I have pushed myself and worked harder than ever to get back to where I am. I finished my high school soccer career as a four year varsity player. We were named the Hunterdon Warren Sussex Tournament Champions two years in a row and made it to group 4 finals of the state tournament my senior year with the team. The FC Cyclones and I were too very successful in winning several tournaments in our time and made it to the Jersey Area Girls Soccer final, coming in second in our league in 2012. I worked hard at club tournaments to be seen by college coaches and found a school that I fell in love with. I will therefore be attending Susquehanna University in the fall of 2014 and will be playing for my school’s varsity soccer team, the dream that I had hoped to accomplish all my life. I am grateful for all of the opportunities that I have had and the teammates and coaches that were in my life and wouldn’t be where I am today without each one of them.


Hutch Novacek GoalQuest

I am very proud of Bianca.  She has always been dedicated, a hard worker, and leader on and off the field.  I have been her trainer for 7 years, and have seen her at her best of times and worst of time, and each time she has always had that certain drive that kept her moving forwards.  I am pleased that she wanted to continue her soccer career into college where I am looking forward to watching her play.  She will definitly be an asset to Susquehanna University.  Congratulation!